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The Runaway Dish is eclectic vintage tableware for any occasion.

The vision for the business was born amidst the dust of junk shops and consignment stores and auction houses when I came across a dish or a bowl or a cut glass pitcher, sometimes nearly invisible in the clutter or so dirty it was hard to even see the delicate artistry in what had once been someone’s treasure. I had to rescue them. I had to reclaim them from oblivion, reveal their incandescent beauty, and give them a new life, a new purpose, and new appreciative audiences.  Some of our tableware are classic designs, delicate flowery dreams, gold or silver-rimmed nods to a more elegant society. Some are eclectic commemorations of places or historic moments. Some evoke other aesthetics—of Asia or Colonial America or old-world Europe. Some are marketing come-ons for-long gone detergents. Some are from the leading names of fine China designers. Taken together, all are eclectic and remarkable art in the service of our everyday lives. They exist to serve as vehicles for our sustenance, both literally and figuratively. 

My hope is that The Runaway Dish will make your wedding, your business luncheon, your memorial gathering memorable, beautiful, worth talking about. The plates themselves become a conversation starter as people come together to celebrate—the joining of two lives into one, a new beginning in business, notable achievements, or an honored life. Birthday, wedding, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, memorial, graduation, garden party, or just because: The Runaway Dish will set a unique tone for any gathering where people come together for food and love and the strengthening of our most fundamental bonds.  

Tableware from The Runaway Dish is not only a fun and creative way to celebrate. It is also the greenest alternative available. All the plates have been repurposed; no new resources are used in their production, and all cleaning products used are biodegradable, not tested on animals, and produced without animal ingredients. And, best of all, your celebration will generate zero landfill waste from the use of disposable goods. Your guests will be served in a truly stylish manner, and they can take pride that their celebration also has made the world one shade greener. 

--Rebecca O. Wilson



Service for 50 - $150 
50 Assorted Dinner Plates
50 Assorted China, Your Choice
(Salad Plates, Dessert Plates, Bowls, or Dessert Bowls)
50 Assorted Silver Flatware Place Settings (3 Piece)
Service for 100 - $300 
100 Assorted Dinner Plates
100 Assorted China, Your Choice
(Salad Plates, Dessert Plates, Bowls, or Dessert Bowls)
100 Assorted Silver Flatware Place Settings (3 Piece)  

Service for 150 - $450 
150 Assorted Dinner Plates
150 Assorted China, Your Choice
(Salad Plates, Dessert Plates, Bowls, or Dessert Bowls)
150 Assorted Silver Flatware Place Settings (3 Piece)  

Service for 200 - $600 
200 Assorted Dinner Plates
200 Assorted China, Your Choice
(Salad Plates, Dessert Plates, Bowls, or Dessert Bowls)
200 Assorted Silver Flatware Place Settings (3 Piece)


Dinner Plate: $1.25
Salad Plate: $1.00
Dessert Plate: $0.75
Bowl: $1.00
Petite Dessert Bowl: $0.75
Teacup and Saucer: $1.50 

Serving Dishes & Cakestands:
Glass Cake Stand with Dome: $7.00
Tiered China Dessert Stands: $8.00
Large Cut Glass Cake Stand: $6.00
Petite Cut Glass Cake Stand: $4.00
Glass Cake Plate: $3.00
China Tea/Coffee Service, Creamer: $2.00
China Tea/Coffee Service, Sugar Bowl: $2.00
Large Oval China Platter: $3.50
China Gravy Dish: $2.00
Large China Serving Bowls: $3.50
Large Round Plates: $2.50
Water Pitchers: $5.00 

Dinner Fork: $0.35
Salad/Dessert Fork: $0.35
Teaspoon: $0.35
Tablespoon: $0.35
Butter Knife: $0.35
Pie Server: $1.00
Serving Utensils: $1.00


Lavinia & Travis’s Farmhouse Wedding, 2015

The Runaway Dish was amazing. They provided the most charming dishes for our wedding reception. We knew our guests would find them interesting, too, but we were not prepared for the great reaction. Our guests - young and old, men and women - were chatting about the dishes, swapping plates with one another, flipping them over to read the maker or country of origin, and even occasionally stealing plates from one another! What a fun, unique twist they brought to our elegant farmhouse wedding. So many guests told us that they could not believe how lovely and colorful the dishes, silverware and serving dishes were and what a special touch it lent the entire affair. Not only were the dishes beautiful, fun and perfect for us, but Rebecca Wilson was simply a pleasure to work with. Professional, warm and friendly, she made the whole process as simple and easy as possible. From beginning to end, it was a completely delightful experience. Thank you The Runaway Dish! We would use your services again and recommend you to anyone.  

We're so glad we chose The Runaway Dish for our 125-person wedding. The set of vintage dishes was the talk of the wedding and a wonderful, memorable detail that our guests still talk about today. Fun, elegant, and the perfect set for our perfect day. Most importantly getting the dishware here and there was fast, friendly, and convenient.  


Planning a special event, or just want to talk dishes... we’d love to hear from you.
email runawaydishva@gmail.com / phone 804.720.4295

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